Last week I made a new friend her name  is Sophia  and she the most amazing Artist (click to see her work)… Yesterday I went to see her exhibition with another friend, and came away feeling inspired, that a mum like me can achieve something so stunning.

So I have 6 hours whilst the kids are at school each day…   I am trying to push aside the dishwasher, washing and the seemingly endless chores, paper work and admin.   I have shut the door on the downstairs guest room, which is the only place with boxes left to sort.   I have nearly finished the work I committed to do for clients back home…

For the next few months I am going to try and stop doing the rubbish stuff that ‘steals my time’, and make the most of the space.   I have to start to do my on-line photography course..    (see my new favourite from my Oak Tree photos)..  I am also going to ‘nail the hill’  behind our house ..  now down to one stop on my twice weekly bike trip.

Feeling so lucky to have this year “off’…  (well off working for money anyway!)


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